WARNING: 5 Types Of Men You Should Not Marry


Marriage is the most critical and crucial stage in life. It’s the time that you always need to be careful so that you don’t make a great mistake. Below are the 5 kinds of men women should think twice about tying the knot with.

1. The Abusive Man: Be it physically or emotionally abusive, no woman should have put up with an abusive man. If you notice the man you are dating seems temperamental to the point of abuse, then it is best you leave that relationship before things get more serious.

2. The Dishonest Man: Have you noticed that he lies about a lot of things, even things that do not really matter? Some men are perpetual liars and thinking about settling down with such a man would only bring you more heartbreak.

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3. The Disrespectful Man: A man who is disrespectful to you or even everyone in general would not make a good husband. Respect is very important in every relationship and if you constantly feel disrespected, then it certainly would not lead to a happy home.

4. The Addict: Any addiction becomes an extra work for the partner involved. If you suspect he might be an alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, sex, etc addict, then it is better to save yourself future pain and unhappiness by looking for someone else.

5. The Mama’s Boy: A healthy love for his mother is always very important when it comes to choosing a partner but if he cannot so much as decide what to have for breakfast without consulting his mother, then perhaps, this is a union you should reconsider.


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