11 Types Of Woman Every Man Wants To Marry

Woman Every Man Wants To Marry

Marriage entails more than meeting someone and tying the knot with them. It Involves meeting the right person and getting to know them better. Of course, nobody is perfect but then, that does not mean that you should just marry anyone and try to manage them. Doing that will lead to a lifetime of pain, misery and regrets. Checkout the types of woman every man wants to marry:

1. The focused one: Every man wants a woman with goals, someone who knows what she wants. Behind every successful man is a successful woman. In other words, the type of woman a man marries is going to rub off on him. Nobody wants a woman who would not motivate them with her goals and focus.

2. The one who makes her own money: Many women grew up with the mindset that men are providers and thus, they do not need to work or make their own money. This would have worked some decades ago but it does not anymore. Today, every man wants to marry a woman who is not dependent on him and who will contribute financially to running the home.

3. The confident one: Another misconception that does not hold in the world today is the saying that women are seen and not heard. Only an unreasonable man would want to marry a woman who cannot stand up for herself or make decisions without waiting for anyone.

4. The one who is not scared of being alone: Desperation is a turn off for men. Once they sense it, they flee. Thus, they want a woman who is not clingy and who will retain her individuality even when married. Everyone needs time alone sometimes for personal growth and men want to marry women who understand and practice this as well.

5. One with similar values: Two cannot work together except they agree. If a woman does not share the same values with you, both of you will always be in conflict and this will affect the home.

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6. The family-oriented one: There is no use intending to marry a woman who does not care much about family values. Unless you do not want to have children, it is important to know what your intended spouse thinks about building a home and raising kids.

7. The intellectually sound one: Beauty is not everything. Men want women who can contribute intellectually to issues and who will partner with them to raise children whom they will be proud of. If you want to be a woman every man wants to marry then learn to be intelligent.

8. The emotionally mature one: In other words, a woman not given to sudden and unreasonable outbursts or one who lets her mood swings get in the way of disagreements. If a woman cannot pass her points across with being denigrating or trying to score hurtful points, she should be avoided because that is a red flag. People can disagree without saying hurtful words to each other and that is what men who want a peaceful home, looks out for.

9. The prudent one: A woman who does not know how to manage resources is a ticking bomb, as she can affect a man’s finances if care is not taken. Men want to marry a woman who though knows how to look good and loves to shop, does so in a prudent manner.

10. The one who does not nag: No man wants to fear going home after work because his wife always has something to complain about. Once a man notices a tendency of nagging in a woman, he tends to withdraw unless she decides to work on changing. A nagger will make you walk around on eggshells because you do not know what will set them off.

11. The one with self-respect: A mature woman who respects herself or carries herself with dignity is a type of woman every man wants to marry. This is because he can leave her in charge of sensitive issues and perish the thought that women are incapable of making sure that things go well in the absence of their men.

If you are a lady and marriage is on you mind this are the types of woman every man wants to marry. Invest in yourself today so that a handsome man can find you quickly.


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