4 Things You Can Give That Don’t Cost Money


Humans are divided into two; the givers and the takers. The givers are those people who are always giving. It doesn’t matter how small they have, they find a way to share or give out.

The takers on the other hand, are those who are more comfortable with taking, asking, receiving. A lot of takers do not know how to give even if they have.

Well, in this post, you’ll realize that you do not have to be wealthy before you become a giver. There are certain things that you can give out, which cost absolutely nothing.

Greetings: Some people wake up in the morning, and cannot even greet the first person they see. Human beings pass each other on the road, without even a good day. It’s very ironic that no two animals can pass each other without some form of sound, but we who are made in God’s image; who are higher animals, do not know this simple courtesy. Greetings do not cost a thing. And it’s not written anywhere that someone must be older than you are before you greet them. You do not know whose day you could make with a simple ‘good morning’ or ‘good day.’

Appreciation: It’s true that it’s the work of your gate man to open the gate and that of your driver to take you to work or wherever. But that cannot stop you from appreciating them; making them feel valued. When your help cleans and dusts the house for example, a simple ‘well done,’ will not kill you. Instead, it would make the person want to be better, knowing that you appreciate their presence or help in your life.

Gratitude: This is simply the act of saying ‘thank you.’ To the woman at the store who sold you groceries. True, you paid for them, but then, she served you to your satisfaction. To the young man at the eatery who held the door open for you. To the person that said, ‘bless you,’ when you sneezed.  To anyone that  renders you a service or helps you out with something, no matter how small.

Forgiveness: So many people are harbouring the spirit of unforgiveness in them. It will be interesting to know how such people live with themselves. Unforgiveness is like a prison. It cages and slimits you, because whenever you see or think about the person you have a grudge against, your heart skips a beat or your mood changes. It’s even worse if the person you’ve refused to forgive has moved on. Forgive those who have wronged you and be free. You can still keep your distance from people without having malicious thoughts towards them.

Bottom line ; these are very little acts that go a long way. Yeah, you might not have money but you certainly have something to give. At every point in time. May we all strive to be better people.



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