The Sacrifice Of Separation

The sacrifice of separation comes with unlimited blessings

You might wonder what sacrifice of separation means. Well, you’re going to find out in a few minutes.

But first, let me give this illustration. A man meets a woman and intends to settle down with her. He doesn’t know her, and that has to happen before he proposes. But he can’t do that from a distance. So, he makes out time for her, and spends hours or days with her which makes him get to know and be closer to her and vice versa.

Now, this is how the sacrifice of separation works. You talk about how God is your father and friend, but do you actually know Him? You’ve prayed, cried and threatened, but nothing has changed. What you don’t realise is that you’ve been talking at God and not talking to Him.

The sacrifice of separation comes with unlimited blessings. Let’s refer to a few people in the bible.

Abraham, God told him to leave his people and go to a strange land. And there, God blessed him beyond his expectations. He made him successful and the father of all nations.

Moses was not just given the 10 commandments. God had to separate him from the Isrealites to be alone with Him for weeks, before He deemed it fit to put those tablets in his possession. Moses’s temper ruined a lot of things, but that’s not the point here.

Elijah was one of the greatest prophets who ever lived. Infact, God took Him back without letting him taste death. This man didn’t see spending time alone to talk with God as anything. He was even ready to forgo food for months, just to be with God. And of course, God made sure he didn’t starve to death. He sent him food.

Jesus, God’s son, had to leave his disciples for a while to talk with his father. Even he knew that to commune with God, distractions weren’t needed.

Men of God know the importance of the sacrifice of separation. That is why most of them have to go up to mountains for weeks, to spend time with God alone. A certain pastor who owns a well known devotional always says that he gets inspiration to write, only when he leaves his family to go into the bushes for a while to pray. And people always testify to how that devotional has changed their lives.
I’ll stop at these people because of space. Reading the bible would show you more get personalities who had to get rid of distractions before God blessed them.

This post is not telling anyone to elope or disown their families, please. All its saying is that with all the distractions and wants in life, you cannot hear what God is saying. For you to do that, you have to separate yourself from everything else for a while, have an exclusive with God and see if there won’t be a difference in your life. You have to make that sacrifice, something has to go either for a while or permanently, for you to experience those blessings. Shalom!

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