Is my Relationship Over? 10 Signs It’s Time to Break Up

Relationships are not just emotional associations between two people. They require work, sweat and more work. Sometimes however, the work you put it seems inadequate. Yeah, sometimes, you find it hard to decide if you should keep trying or keep it moving. It is difficult to give up on a relationship that you have put a lot of love, time and effort into. But the truth is that love is not always enough. Many people do not know when it is time to call it quits in a relationship. Hopefully, after reading this post, you will gain some clarity and know for certain if you still should be in a relationship with your partner, or not.

  1. Everything they do annoys you: Remember when you first started dating them? You loved the sound of their laughter. The way they walked looked cute to you. Watching them eat made you smile. But now, all those things and more irritate you. You are constantly telling them how to act and behave. How to walk properly. How to laugh less loudly. How to become less of themselves.
  1. Your relationship is no stranger to abuses: This is not limited to physical abuses. In fact, emotional abuse can destroy an individual’s confidence and self-worth. Words said can never be taken back and often, are impossible to forget. Review your relationship and if there is a pattern of any form of abuse, that relationship is toxic and not worth being in.
  1. They are incorrigible: This is perhaps one of the worst things to endure in a relationship. A partner who does not take corrections is a danger to you and themselves. This is because they will rather throw away everything you share than admit that they are wrong or try to be better.
  1. Your feelings are invalidated: If your partner does not respect your feelings especially after you have complained several times, show them the door or walk out. Nobody who values you will disregard the way you feel about things that matter to you.
  1. They feel insecure about your achievements: When you achieve something or attain a certain goal and your partner is not happy about it, they do not want your progress and you do not deserve anyone who does not want you to succeed, in your life.
  1. You feel unhappy around them: You are supposed to feel happy whenever you are with or around your partner. It does not have to be butterfly feelings all the time, however, being with them should be something you look forward to. If this is not the case, you should not be with them.
  1. They are clingy: We cannot forget how bad we felt when our parents restricted our movements while growing up. Sometimes, they grounded us as a form of punishment. We could not wait to grow up and exercise our freedom as adults. Now, you are all grown up but your movements are still being restricted. Not by your parents this time, but by your significant other. They do not let you hang out alone. They complain when you want to chill with friends. They always want you beside them always and make a big fuss if you try to get some personal time. Living like that is bad for your mental health and if your partner does not understand that, it is only a matter of time.
  1. They try to control you: You are an individual first, before being a significant part of their lives. It is common place to hear about people who asked their partners to stop posting on social media or stop wearing make up and stuff like that, after they started dating them. While it is okay to compromise to reasonable extents in a relationship, when your partner starts making demands that try to stifle you, make you unhappy or change whom you are to please them, it is time to ask yourself why you are still in that relationship.
  1. Third parties are part of your relationship: Every relationship has its lows, and this includes fights and misunderstandings. These things are normal and to be expected. But when you cannot have a misunderstanding without another party being involved in your reconciliation process, that is a big problem. Not only does it say that you cannot handle your issues without interference, outside opinions can cause more problems than solve them. So, if your partner refuses to talk without inviting someone else to mediate whenever you both fight, you should really review that relationship.
  1. Your partner always threatens to leave: Many people experience this. Whenever there is a little disagreement and your partner threatens to leave you, that is not a good sign. You are being manipulated and it is high time you put your foot down and yourself first.

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