173 Powerful Prayer Points That Will Change Your Life

powerful prayer points

Prayer is one of the most important things in the life of any Christian. You cannot claim to be a Christian, if you do not pray. Yes, when it comes to prayers, you are either in or out – not on the fence. One of the easiest ways to pray, is by developing or using prayer points. There are powerful prayer points out there, which Christians can use if they do not know how to develop some from scratch.

It is important to note that prayer points address specific issues and thus, you do not need to go round in circles when you pray. If you are not used to praying for long hours, powerful prayer points are a good prayer route to take.

Best believe that you can never go wrong with prayer points. These short but efficient ammunition are needed to navigate life. For this reason, this article will give you 173 powerful prayer points that will make your prayer life easier and more effective.

Powerful Prayer Points For Deliverance

1. Oh God, I refuse to work under close heaven

2. Everything in my life that will not cooperate with my family deliverance catch fire and burn

3. Every altar in my house mocking me, shout up and die

4. Every family tree harbouring my name, what are you waiting for, catch fire.

5. Every satanic calabash harbouring what belongs to me, catch fire.

6. My original in the village, I set you free to enjoy your glory.

7. Powers in my father’s house that say my life will not have meaning, catch fire

8. You my spirit wife molesting my life, die by fire.

9. Every covenant between me and the serpent by consumed by fire.

10. Every environmental curse I am operating under, catch fire and burn.

11. Every serpent swallowing my money, catch fire.

prayer points

Powerful Prayer Points For Mercy

1. Father, I thank You for being a merciful Father.

2. Unspeakable mercy of God, locate my life in Jesus’ name.

3. Mercy of God, be boundless in my life in Jesus’ name.

4. I receive the blessings of God to be merciful.

5. Mercy of God, make way for me in the wilderness of life in Jesus’ name.

6. Mercy of God, be my companion from hence forth in Jesus’ name.

7. Mercy of God, give me divine connection to great people and my story will change in Jesus’ name.

8. Mercy worked for Joseph in the prison, mercy of God, speak for me too.

9. The mercy of God spoke for Daniel and he became the preferred in the palace, I receive the grace to be preferred by mercy in Jesus’ name.

10. The mercy of God made Mephiboseth the lame man to wine and dine with the king; mercy of God, make way for me in high places.

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Powerful Prayer Points For Favour

1. Oh God, everywhere they have said no to me let them begin to say yes in Jesus name.

2. Oh God, I am tired of this level, please change my level in Jesus name.

3. Oh God, my doors of favour must open in Jesus name.

4. Oh God, give me the keys to the kingdom in Jesus name.

5. Oh God, let the spirit of faith come upon me in Jesus name.

6. Oh God, give me favour in every area of my life in Jesus name.

7. Oh God my favour must not expire in Jesus name.

8. Oh God, release favour upon me in Jesus name.

9. Oh God, release your favour to the church of God in Jesus name.

10. Oh God, via your favour win multitudes of souls to your church in Jesus name.

11. Oh God, via your favour rescue this nation from destruction in Jesus name.

12. Oh God, via your favour, bring me in contact with helpers in Jesus name.

13. Oh God, change my story through your favour in Jesus name.

14. Oh God, every veil that is covering my face, not allowing me access favour, catch fire in Jesus name.

15. Oh God, let me find favour in your sight in Jesus name.

Powerful Prayer Points For Good Health

1. Oh Lord my Heavenly Father, I thank You for the sound health You gave to me.

2. I destroy every covenant of sickness in my life in Jesus’ name.

3. Blood of Jesus, purify my blood system from any form of debilitating diseases the doctor diagnosed in me in Jesus’ name.

4. My Father is the Divine Healer, I will not get sick in Jesus’ name.

5. My health is restored from any form of debilitating disease in Jesus’ name.

6. I disconnect myself from any form of genetic diseases in Jesus’ name.

7. I destroy by the Blood of Jesus every debilitating diseases taking the life of my family members in Jesus’ name.

8. I am no longer in the family of sickler because the Word of God says by His strips I am healed.

9. I will not spend my money on drugs and medical test. I will use it for the expansion of the Gospel of Christ.

10. Great Physician, grant our physicians the wisdom to tackle deadly disease

More Powerful prayer Points to Change your life for Better

1. Oh God, give me a new hunger for you, give me a new desire for you in Jesus name.

2. Oh god I must not stop my journey half way in Jesus name.

3. Oh God, strengthen me never to drop off half way in this journey of Christianity in Jesus name.

4. Oh God, in this journey of life strengthen me; I must not be weak in Jesus name.

5. Oh God, strengthen me like never before in Jesus name.

6. Oh God, I must soar higher than my family, higher than my parents, higher than my siblings; I must set a new record in Jesus name.

7. Oh God, whatever you want me to become, I must become; I must not die small in Jesus name.

8. I must testify this month, no carry over blessing in Jesus name.

9. Oh God, impart me with speed to go forward, no more slow motion in my progress in Jesus name.

10. Oh God, baptize me with the sense of urgency in Jesus name.

11. Oh God, expend my territory in Jesus name.

12. Oh God, I am ready to follow at your pace, I am ready to be led in Jesus name.

13. Oh God, I refuse to succumb to the pressure from then society in Jesus name.

14. Oh God, deliver me from slowness and sloppiness; give me grace to move with speed in Jesus name.

15. Oh God, give me fresh vision and motion; I must not operate under a stale vision in Jesus name.

16. Oh god, baptize me with new ideas to move me forward in Jesus name.

17. Oh God, I thank you for your presence in my life

18. Oh God, give me the grace for commitment to purity and righteousness after the order of Joseph

19. Every power that is opposed to my rising and progress be revoked and annulled in Jesus name.

20. Power to pursue, overtake and recover all my lost inheritance fall on me now in Jesus name.

21. Everything within me pushing me into error, come out by fire in Jesus name.

22. Judgment of “don’t go far”, be revoked over my life in Jesus name.

23. My altar of prayer, receive fresh fire in Jesus name.

24. Fires of the Holy Ghost, surround my spiritual life in Jesus name.

25. Lord, forgive me for my impatience before you in Jesus name.

26. Whatsoever I am created for, I receive power to begin to manifest as from today in Jesus name.

27. I thank you Lord for the benefit and provision of healing in your blood.

28. I drink the blood of Jesus and command the root of sickness in my life to dry up in Jesus name.

29. Oh God, perfect everything that concerns me this month in Jesus name.

30. The secret I need to know about my health, show me oh Lord of mercy.

31. Father, I thank you for making me a star in Jesus name.

32. Every power keeping me away from divine helpers, be destroyed in Jesus name.

33. I repossess every good thing I have lost to wrong relationship in Jesus name.

34. Oh God, arise and give me a turnaround miracle in Jesus name.

35. God of mercy, arise and let my shame expire in Jesus name.

36. Every satanic panel set up against me, scatter in Jesus name.

37. I rededicate my life to you my Lord, use me for your glory in Jesus name.

38. Oh God, give me passion to fulfill your purpose for my life in Jesus name.

39. Every arrow of spiritual failure, your mission is over in my life, jump out by fire.

40. Oh God, let me not slumber nor sleep the sleep of spiritual death in Jesus name.

41. Oh God, purge me from every false desire and unprofitable aspirations in Jesus name.

42. Oh God, break me down and remold me in Jesus name.

43. I receive grace not to grieve or resist the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.

44. I bind every spirit of sexual immorality in Jesus name.

45. Oh God, do for me what my parents and my connections cannot do for me in Jesus name.

46. Oh God, do for me what my beauty, handsomeness or certificates cannot do for me in Jesus name.

47. Oh God, baptize me with favour more than anybody in my family in Jesus name.

48.  Oh God, I reject disfavour and misfortune in Jesus name.

49. Oh God, my vision must come to pass in my life. I must not die, I must see my vision come to pass in Jesus name.

50. Oh God, separate from my family vision killers and vision destroyers in Jesus name.

51. Oh God, strengthen me to make sure my visions come to pass in Jesus name.

52. Oh God , anything or anyone behind the storm of my vision must die today in Jesus name.

53. Oh God, my vision that you have placed in my heart must see the light of day in Jesus name.

54. Oh God, give my vision the resources required; release resources for the execution of my vision in Jesus name.

55. Oh God, I forbid failure in Jesus name.

56. Oh God, impart me with the spirit of joy and gladness in Jesus name.

57. Oh God, in the rest of my life I go forward in joy and gladness; every sadness around me must clear up in Jesus name.

58. I thank you Lord for teaching my hand to war and my fingers to fight

59. Lord, I thank you for I am out of captivity by fire

60. Blood of Jesus, purify me now in Jesus name.

61. Destiny vandalizers, begin to destroy yourselves in Jesus name.

62. God of mercy, save my family from the wrath to come in Jesus’ name.

63. Daddy, visit me and rewrite my story.

64. You spirit of ancestors sitting on my children, be unseated by fire.

65. Every illegal occupants in my business, I reject you by fire.

66. Grace to study the Word of God, possess me.

67. I receive grace to restitute my ways in Jesus name.

68. Those I am leading shall not lead me into sin in Jesus name.

69. Lord, give me the grace to obey You rather than men in Jesus name

70. Thank you Lord for you have proven that you are the God of the universe.

71. Lord I thank you for making me to see another new month.

72. Lord heal our Land and the entire world from the strange disease that is afflicting the human race.

73. I put an end to the affliction of Corona disease in our Land.

74. O Lord, show me the secret of my enemies.

75. Power assigned to waste my soul, be wasted by fire in the name of Jesus.

76. You spirit of fear of death, depart from me by fire in Jesus’ name.

77. Every power set up to pull me down spiritually, be disgraced in Jesus’ name.

78. You suicide spirit, I cannot be your victim, depart from me by fire.

79. I thank God for giving me His Son to die for my restoration.

80. I recognize myself as a sinner and I ask for the mercy of God and forgiveness in Jesus’ name.

81. I disconnect myself from any demonic altar in Jesus’ name.

82. I reject every name given to me by any demonic ancestor.

83. I wash myself with the Blood of Jesus and diffuse every demonic incision mark on my body.

84. Holy Ghost fire, burn to ashes every demonic materials in my house holds in Jesus’ name.

85. Power of God, build a wall of barrier between me and every demonic company attacking my spiritual and physical life in Jesus name.

86. I release myself and house hold from every demonic attack of illness and disease in Jesus’ name.

87. I receive the enablement to confront demonic operations everywhere and prevail.

88. Lord, empower me for signs and wonders in these end times.

89. Every power that wants to bury the glory of my children, die by fire.

90. Every power waiting to make me weep in my old age over my children die by fire.

91. Every power that wants to waste my children immediately after their glory manifests die by fire.

92. I decree the power of God and the right arm of the Lord to lift up my children to their peak of their glory.

93. Every plan of ritual killers, kidnappers over my children be nullify in Jesus name

94. Every death thing in my life and family power of resurrection raise them back to life in Jesus name.

95. Power of resurrection come in into my life in Jesus Name.

96. I paralyse and cut the head of my Goliath with the blood of Jesus.

97. If there’s anything in me that is not of God, I don’t want it. Depart in the mighty name of Jesus.

98. Let the blood of Jesus cross stand between me and any dark power delegated  against me.

99. I curse every work of the darkness in my life to dry to the roots by the blood of Jesus.

100. Lord, I thank you because you have empowered me more than my enemies.

101. Blood of Jesus cleanse me.

102. The secret I need to know for my destiny to excel manifest in Jesus’ name.

103. Every evil doer that has touched my life for evil

receive the judgment of death in Jesus’ name.

104. The secret of evil elder that is responsible for my challenges scatter by the blood of Jesus.

105. Holy Spirit open my spiritual eyes to see deep things concerning the plans of God for my life in Jesus’ name.

106. Every garment of reproach in my life, catch fire.

107. Every personality, power or spirit assigned to take me by surprise fire in the name of Jesus.

108. O God, arise and turn the reproach of those that despise me upon their own heads in Jesus name.

109. O God, expose and disgrace every witchcraft agent assigned to embarrass me in the name of Jesus.

110. O Lord, waste every evil strongman in charge of me case in the name of Jesus.

111. Every evil bird flying for my sake, net of God pull them down and let them be wasted in the name of Jesus.

112. Lord, I thank you for being the source of all authority.

113. Lord, forgive me for all my disobedience to all your ordinances.

114. Lord, use my next journey to confuse my enemies in Jesus’ name.

115. Call the Spirit of prayers 9 times, possess me afresh.

116. Anybody that is using evil authority on me and my children, be wasted in Jesus’ name.

117. Lord help me to grow up in your immeasurable  grace in the name of Jesus.

118. Lord by your Spirit, transform my prayer life and my praise life in Jesus name.

119. Lord wherever they have used the blood to cage me use the blood of Jesus to set me free in the name of Jesus.

120. Wherever my destiny has fallen, use mercy to raise me up.

121. You weapon of emptiness  which the devil is using over me catch fire in the name of Jesus.

122. I deliver myself and the day of joy of my children with the blood of Jesus.

123. Powers that have vowed to cut short my life before my time die by fire

124. Powers that have vowed that I will not see the good of  the Land die by fire

125. Powers that have vowed to make my day of celebration a day of mourning die by fire

126. Powers that have a covenant with the grave to swallow me and my destiny die by fire

127. Every evil hands postponing my day of joy wither and be burnt off in Jesus name


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