Nothing Is Impossible With God Explanation

nothing is impossible with God

Are you weary and burdened by the storms of life? Do your efforts seem to be in vain? Have you been thinking that all hope is lost? Well, hold on. Try the Lord and see those shut doors open up, for nothing is impossible with God.

Before you keep reading, you have to take note of something. As long as you are a practicing Christian who has a beautiful relationship with God, He will always come through for you. It might not be when or how you expect but eventually, you will see that with God nothing is impossible.

Note that while nothing is impossible with God, there are things He will never do. God said in James chapter 1 verse 13 that He cannot sin or be tempted. And in Deuteronomy chapter 6 verses 4 and 5, you will see that He cannot go back on His promises nor will He create another God.

If you are on the verge of giving up, you are in luck. This article, laced with illustrations from the holy book, will serve to remind you that nothing is impossible with God. Nothing is difficult for God.

John chapter 11 tells the story of Lazarus. This man, a friend of Jesus, was gravely ill. As is not surprising with very sick people, he died. Lazarus’s sisters sent word of His death to Jesus but by the time Jesus got there, the young man had been dead for three days.

Now, let this sink in. Lazarus was not dead for three minutes or three hours. He was gone for three days and even buried. But because nothing is impossible with God and He wanted His name to be glorified, Lazarus did not stay dead. Jesus went to the dead man’s tomb and called him out. And that man who was gone and buried, stood up and walked out – back to life. For with God, nothing is impossible.

Abraham was a hundred years old and his wife Sarah was ninety when they had Isaac. Now, maybe Abraham was still potent but with what we know about the female reproductive system, Sarah was way past childbearing age. In Genesis chapter 17, when God told Abraham that he would be the father of all nations, He did not believe it at first.

Sarah was amused when she was told that she would conceive at her age. However, when God wants to show off, He defies everything known to man. He clears all doubts and exalts His name. At ninety, Sarah gave birth without complications. Another example to show that nothing is impossible with God.

Now, you might not have seen anything like the first illustration outside the bible but surely, you must have seen women having kids in their fifties, after waiting on God for years. Even if you do not know any of such people personally, a quick internet search will show you tens of similar stories. So, whatever you are going through is nothing compared to the cases God has been handling from the beginning of time.

Our favorite bible stories do not fail to talk about how God saved the Israelites from the Egyptians by dividing the red sea into two – in Exodus chapter 14. He raised unusually strong winds which divided the huge body of water and the water stayed parted till the last Israelite had passed through. “For nothing is impossible with God.”

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Then, there is the story of Job. He was one of God’s favorites in his time. This godly man loved God and did everything right. The devil was not happy and asked God’s permission to test Job. Job lost everything but never for once did he question God. Eventually, God blessed him double for his trouble, in ways impossible by human standards. But then, God is not a human being; nothing is impossible with God.

Now, there are many stories that illustrate how nothing is impossible with God. But for this article, the aforementioned will suffice – you can study your bible for more stories which show that with God nothing is impossible. The human impossibilities that God makes possible are not limited to what you see. No, they transcend all spheres.

John Piper had this to say about God’s omnipotence, “There is no disease, no addiction, no demon, no bad habit, no fault, no vice, no weakness, no temper, no moodiness, no pride, no self-pity, no strife, no jealousy, no perversion, no greed, no laziness that Christ will not overcome as the enemy of his honor.” In other words, no matter what the problem is, God can handle it.

Eventually, it boils down to your relationship and faith in God. If you take a critical look at the stories illustrated above, one thing is constant: those involved were people who loved God and showed it in their actions.

Lazarus was Jesus’s friend. His sisters believed that Jesus could make him whole. Abraham has a close bond with God. Although he was skeptical at first considering his age, he knew that God would never tell him something He could not do.

Moses did not ask questions when God asked him to hit his staff on the water, even though humanly, making land from the middle of the sea was not possible. Job lost everything but stood the test. Even when his wife told him to curse God and die, Job knew better. And he was doubly blessed for his fidelity.

So, what about you? Are you friends with God or are you a Christian of convenience? A Christian who remembers God only when they are in trouble or have a need met? If you are the latter, then now you know why your prayers are not being answered. Oh, wait! There is another, valid reason. God’s will! Is what you are praying for God’s will?

God asked us in Matthew chapter 6 verse 10 to pray for His will to be done. “Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven…” So, even though all things are possible with God, He only does things according to His will, because He knows what is best for each person. Believe it or not, not everything you want is good for you. Perhaps that is why it is said that every disappointment is a blessing.

In essence, you have to know that God works in mysterious ways. No matter what you are going through, your miracles and answered prayers are on the way. Maybe not exactly how you want them, but you will get an answer.

All you need to do is hold on and hold out. Believe in God wholly and never doubt Him for a second. He is going to fulfill His promises in your life. Your issue might be spiritual or medical. Remember that doctors are not gods. Maybe you want to change or drop a bad habit.

Remember that God changed Saul to Paul; one of His most powerful agents until this day. Or you have been waiting on something for a while now. Remember Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth, and that woman you know who just gave birth after decades of childlessness. You have got to hold the fort. Never you give up on God because He will never give up on you. For with God nothing is impossible.


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