Not Every Closed Door is Locked

A good number of us always have an excuse for failure at the ready. Once they try something and it does not work, they just simply quit. It’s not meant for them, they conclude. Last week, I shared Tyler Perry’s story. What if he gave up after his first movie? Would he have been a success story today? We wouldn’t have even heard his name.

Coming back home, look at celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji. She came from a dirt poor background. She tried modelling, it did not work. That did not deter her. She started her own magazine. It was a total flop. Then she discovered blogging at a time  when print media was king. Sometimes, she got only a few views and no comments. Yet, she kept pushing. For more than ten years, she kept at it. One day, her breakthrough came. Today, we know the rest.

I was speaking with a colleague who used to own a blog also. She started it in January this year and closed it down in April. I asked her reason and she said that she was the only person visiting the blog.

I asked her, ‘What kind of blog?’ She said that it was exclusively a news blog. That was the first misstep, I said. With hundreds of blogs offering only news, if you want to make a difference with yours, then you have to do something different. I told her that first, she could make a section for other kinds of articles. And secondly, blogs are not instant  money spinning investments. Just four months and you want to start counting in tens of thousands. Again, I reminded her that  advertisements should not be left out. Nobody grows by being basic.

Some people set up businesses and want to be as successful as their role models in two months. If they aren’t, they just give up. If you do not push, then you do not want it bad enough. If you cannot go hard, you will be forced to go home. Push till it yields. Success comes to those who chase it down. I will keep pushing. What about you?

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