You Are Not Beyond Redemption


Redemption is the action of regaining or gaining possession of something in exchange for payment, or clearing a debt. You have lived a horrible life and it seems that things cannot be made right again. You’ve hurt people, done things that made people unhappy. You’ve probably strayed and taken the wrong path.

What is worse, you used to be on fire for God, then suddenly something happened. Something you cannot explain till today, but it made you lose focus and back slide. You became the proverbial prodigal child who disobeyed their father and strayed far from home. You decided that God was not enough.

And now, you’ve come to your senses. You have realised everything else is sinking sand. You’ve seen for yourself that without God, all you would do is exist. You are tired of living your life on the fast lane and not being on talking terms with God. You want that close father- child relationship back but there’s a problem. You think that your actions have made God to write you off. In your head, you’ve disrupted God’s plans for your life.

Hold up mate! You my dear, are not that powerful. You are not even close. God does what He does because He wants to. Not because you wanted it. So, if you think that because you’d lived a rough life in the past, you do not deserve to be blessed by God, please think again.

Our God is a loving and patient father. Do you know how long He’d been waiting for you to come back? Do you know how the angels rejoiced when you did? Let nobody tell you otherwise. You are the reason Christ died. If there was no sin, there wouldn’t have been any need for Him to die.

You are not unworthy. You are loved. You are being looked forward to. He would accept you and He’ll change you; from the inside out. All you need to do is talk to Him.


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