Why Look Like You Are Winning When You can Actually Win

Thanks to Mr. Adebola Williams, co- founder of RED, a media outfit;this piece was birthed. The very successful and brilliant young man was interviewed and he said something that caught my attention. According to him, ” Most young people are fixated on looking like they are winning. They want to look the part without doing the work.” No truer words have been spoken.

Social media is proof that a lot of people live fake lives. Personally, I have seen people who are totally different in real life from what they make their followers out there believe. It sometimes seems to me like there is a competition on these platforms, with one person trying to outdo the next in terms of fashion accessories and the lifestyle of luxury.

Our public figures are not left out. A few have been ‘caught’ stealing other people’s luxurious looking shots and passing them off as theirs.

Why waste your time looking to impress someone that does not know you, when you can work hard to impact on the lives of those that do? Why is misplaced priorities now a thing? Why have young people decided to be lazy? What is going on?

I probably do not have enough answers to these questions, but what I do know is that ‘faking it till you make it,’ does not mean living a fake life and waiting for some kind of manner to fall from above. It simply means, looking calm and okay on the outside, while putting your best foot forward and taking bold steps till you make it. There is no way hard work and determination would not birth success. When you limit yourself, you would never grow.

If you want to be a successful person, then you must do away with unnecessary distractions and shut out irrelevant things from your life. They do not last anyway.

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  1. I always renew my mind set any time I red this, thanks so much sir for life changing through your words

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