Let Go And Let God Handle It

let go and let god

Oftentimes, Christians make the mistake of thinking that they have got everything figured out. They start a project or go for something and forget that if God does not build a city, the builders will just be wasting their time. You want to know how to let go and let God? Then, keep reading this eye-opening article.

Letting Go and Letting God

First off, it is imperative to know what letting go and letting God means. Your heavenly father is not the author of confusion. However, to reap the benefits of being His child, you have to understand how He operates.

Letting go and letting God does not mean that you should fold your arms and wait for manna from above. It does not mean that when you need a job, instead of sending out applications, you sit down and say that “God will provide.” No! Heaven helps those who help themselves. Before you let go and let God, you must have done your part as a human first.

If God wanted human beings to depend on Him for everything, He would not have given everyone a brain. But He did. For this reason, the brain has to be put to use. If God blesses you with a child, for instance, He expects you to take care of that child. He will not come down and do it for you; He will only give you the resources, grace, and strength to be a good parent.

On another hand, if you have been searching for a job and you put in well-written applications to the right places, your job as a human is done. This is where letting go and letting God comes into place. It is at this time that all you need to do is go to God in prayer and trust that He will come through for you.

Have you ever pondered on Psalm 46:1 or Exodus 14:14? The first one says, “Be still and know that I am God,” while the second one says, “I will fight for you and you will only need to be still.” Powerful profound verses that remind Christians to let go and let God have His way. If you think of these two verses, you will understand that God needs His children to be still while He does His thing.

Look at it this way: If you are a parent of a baby and that child keeps fussing, will you be able to do anything? The answer is no. That is the same way God will not step in until you let Him.

Another important reason why God does not intervene until we let Him, is that there cannot be two captains on the same ship. It is either you or Him. So, He will wait till you are at the end of your rope; exhausted from running around in circles and then turning to Him. That is when He will step in and show you why He is the God of all flesh, with whom nothing is impossible.

So, basically, the meaning of “let go and let God,” is simple. Diligently put in the work and let God crown your efforts with success. Doesn’t seem hard, right? Well, if you think it is, kindly keep scrolling to see how to let God handle it – your problems, worries, closed doors, and everything else that bothers you.

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How to Let Go and Let God

Now that you know what it means to let go and let God, it is time to look at how to do that. This part is important because it will be presumptuous to think that everyone knows how to let God handle things His way. Humans are naturally self-reliant beings.

The average person wants to take care of situations and come out beating their chest that they did it. Of course, having achievements is not only good, but it is also worth emulating.

However, by strength shall no man prevail. Everyone needs the God factor in their lives. You can study well for an exam, but anything can go wrong; forgetfulness, missing scripts, sickness, etcetera. These are things you cannot control. Fortunately, God can and if you let Him, He will.

Letting go is not tantamount to being lazy. Slothfulness is one of the things God hates, so do not expect His help if you do not pull your weight. Hence, to let God, you have to be up and doing. Dot all yours I’s and cross your T’s. Make sure that you will not be found wanting in the hard work department. If you want God to help you get an A in your examination, you have to read first and read properly. Surely, God cannot remind you about something you did not know in the first place.

Prayer is the key that fits into any size of keyhole. So, to let God, you must be a prayerful Christian. When you are told to let go and let God handle it, this does not mean that you should only remember to pray when things have gotten tough. When you already have a good relationship with God, it will be easy for Him to step in because you will know when to let Him.

A prayerful Christian is one who has faith. Faith says that you trust God’s will. Faith means that you are ready to take the back seat and allow God to take the wheel. Faith shows total commitment to God’s plan. When you ask God to heal you, every form of “what if” should go. A doubtful person is one who does not trust God. Till they do, their situation will remain the same.

Another way to let go and let God is by getting rid of distractions in your life. Sometimes, the reason why your prayer is not being answered is because you are fixated on something else or you have let some other problems make you veer off your path. It could be another situation or even a person. Yes, another human being might be the reason why God has not acknowledged your issue. This can even be someone close to you.

For instance, if you want to quit drinking but keep indulging your club-loving friend every weekend, then, you are not ready to let God handle it. If you want to practice sexual purity but are in a relationship with someone who cannot do without sex, you are not ready to be chaste. And best believe that God will not force anyone out of your life till you are ready to cut them off.He gave everyone the power to choose, for this reason – to tell between good and bad, and decide which one we want.

Finally, you must learn to wait. God’s time will always be the best. Believe in the timing.

Ultimately, God wants everything good for His children. At the same time, He wants us to come to Him out of our own free will. By now, you should have realized what you are probably doing wrong as regards letting go and letting God. Put your affairs in order and let God have His way.


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