How To Fix A Broken Marriage On The Verge Of Divorce

It is a well-established fact that marriages are expected to last forever.  This commitment is not like the everyday relationship or courtship – it is much more than that, a lifetime vow to another person, for the rest of your life. Now, sometimes and not rarely, marriages get to the point of shakiness and become in need of fixing. How to fix a broken marriage becomes the question at some point.

Fixing a broken marriage may be easy or difficult, depending on how soon the couple involved decide to take this step. You cannot save a marriage if your partner is not in agreement. On the contrary, saving a broken marriage can only happen when both partners acknowledge that there is a problem that needs fixing.

Note that broken marriages are not easy to fix but trying is very well worth it. So, this article highlights ten ways by which couples can fix a broken marriage.

1. Acknowledge that there is a problem: Like the introduction mentioned, acknowledging that a marriage has a problem, is the first step on how to fix a broken marriage. Thing is, in broken marriages, usually, one party is more forward and more willing to tackle the problem.

Pride is mostly the reason why couples do not acknowledge and try to save a marriage. But when they throw their egos to the side and acknowledge the obvious issues, they will significantly make headway as regards saving their marriage.

2. Respect one another privacy: How to fix a broken marriage is largely dependent on how the issues concerning the marriage are handled. A marriage is a union between two people, so, outsiders should not be involved in marital issues – except in cases of violence or threat to life.

When a marriage becomes shaky at the foundation or along the way, couples should remember that fixing a broken marriage does not translate to telling their kith and kin to come settle scores for them. Sitting down and talking about the issues works better than involving third parties.

3. Talk: Communication is the backbone and bedrock of relationships, especially marriage. In marriages that are whole, communication is important, how much more imminent broken marriages. Fixing a broken marriage involves talking about the things that led the couples in question to the present point.

How to fix a broken marriage when communication gap widens? Talk about the problem. Talking will fix a marriage faster than hoping the problem goes away will do.

4. Do away with distractions: Saving a broken marriage means getting rid of distractions in any way, shape or form. Distractions range from physical like friends or places, to virtual like social media platforms. When these distractions are not tackled, they fester and become worse, ultimately driving a wedge between couples.

A good way to remove distractions is by creating schedules and sticking to them. There should be time for hanging out with friends and a set duration to spend on the phone or on social media platforms. Ultimately, couples trying to fix a broken marriage have to understand that there is a time for everything.

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5. Look for ways to reconnect: One other way to save a marriage is by finding common ground – that is, reconnecting. What did you both use to do for fun?, Where are those places you loved going to?. Perhaps consider somewhere on your bucket list. To be honest, reconnecting might be a significant way of saving a broken marriage. The reason is not far-fetched.

Relieving those sweet memories can trigger the same feelings that the couple had when they first did a particular thing together. If the reconnection happens over a new experience, bonding can take place, ultimately fixing a broken marriage. Bottom line is, make your significant other a priority and see how it turns out.

6. Take introspection: In other words, reflect on the issues at hand and the possible reasons why they are happening. Most times, broken marriages do not happen as a result of a one-off incident. Maybe the man cheated. Maybe the woman nags constantly. Maybe one person had been doing something repeatedly, till the other party could take it no more. So, couples have to find out what went wrong, before deciding how to fix a broken marriage.

7. Listen to each other: If listening was not a thing in your marriage before, now, you should make it an important part of it. Communication is useless if you do not listen to what your spouse has to say and vice versa. Hear what they have to say and demand same from them.

8. Embrace forgiveness: If the reason why your marriage is on the verge of a breakdown, is because of your mistake or that of your partner, then, asking for forgiveness is in order. Sometimes, you might have to forgive yourself as well, in order to find closure and heal your marriage.

9. Give it time: Trust the process of fixing a broken marriage. Do not expect your partner to instantly come around, especially if both allowed your marital issues to fester. Give your spouse time and work some more on your marriage, while waiting for them to come around.

10. Commit to change: It is not enough to process these options and implement them for a while. On the contrary, commitment makes the difference. So, when there are changes brought about by the will to save a broken marriage, the couples involved have to see those changes through, by making a total U-turn and maintaining the new, better lifestyle.

Ultimately, fixing a broken marriage depends on how much work both couples are willing to put in. Saving a broken marriage is harder than saying a few words and hoping that things get better. It transcends promises to change and word of mouth.

While these are important, actions speak louder and give the most results. While there is no manual on how to fix a broken marriage, hopefully, this article will help with steps to take in other to make your marriage healthier, happier and wholesome.

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