5 Godly Characters Of A Christian Man To Look Out For


When as a Christian lady, you meet a man who approaches you for a relationship of any sort. There are questions to ask, facts to approach before any decision is made. One is questioning his character; does he portray godly characters worth entangling yourself with? Of course, no two persons are same, but similarities are to be found within people of the same, Christianity included. Here are 5 godly character of a Christian man to look out for;

1. He loves sacrificially: There’s nothing to compare to a man who loves family and friends so dearly. When a man loves God, family and friends, you’re to be sure; he will regard and respect you. The fact he is willing to do anything for family and you-putting people’s need before his, mimics the love of God

2. He understands forgiveness: There’s nothing more horrifying than meeting one who does learn to let go off the past, both for you and him likewise. He should be able to forgive you of previous mistake made, and let go of anger, resentment and guilt.

3. Purses a relationship with God and encourages you to do so: Building a relationship with God is beautiful and tells a lot about a person, If he tries to develop an intimate relationship on a personal level and encourages you to do so, he’s a keeper.

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4. Encourages your goals and passion: Never settle for anything below your standard, always go for the top. Marry someone who supports your every dream and vision of life. One who is not afraid and jealous of how far your dreams might take you, but is support in every way possible trying to bring them to fulfillment.

5. Abstains from sexual impurity: Abstaining from sexual impurity is demanded of Christians not yet married. Does he encourage such decisions for you, and practice same?

Your answers and his characters will tell if you should venture anything with him or terminate.


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