To Find Your Dream Spouse You Have To


It takes more than writing a list of qualities, to find a dream partner. Nobody wants to be stuck in a union with the wrong person. Question is, are you ready to meet your dream partner? Probably.Probably not.

Some people when asked what they want in a significant other,first thing they say is, ‘she must be beautiful’ or ‘he must be handsome.’ Who looks help in the long run? Nobody. Beauty fades, and if that’s the only reason two people got keeping them together, suffice to say that the relationship would fade along with the looks sooner or later.

Before talking about finding a dream partner, one has to take a few important things into cognisance.

First is self love. If you don’t love yourself, you won’t even be able to know what exactly you want. And as a result, anyone who shows some interest in you, becomes who you want. This is because you have a lot of gaps in your life and anyone who makes you feel good, automatically becomes the love of your life, irrespective of whether you both reason on the same frequency or not.

Next thing to make sure to do is; be comfortable with being alone. Being alone doesn’t translate to being lonely. Being alone means knowledge that with or without someone in your life, you can be happy. That way, one doesn’t get to settle for just anyone, because they are not needy. So, emotions would not interfere in their choice making.

Having laid out plans is also important as regards this. If one knows their goals and aspirations they’re reaching for, it’ll put things in perspective. This way, you’ll know the qualities a person that’ll help you achieve those goals, should possess.

There is nothing like an ideal partner. A long lasting union is the result of an ideal relationship by two totally different individuals with similar goals. Wait for some one on par with you, and together, create something beautiful and worth it. Shallow mindedness wouldn’t get anyone an ideal relationship.

Above all, tell God about it. The power of prayer can never be over emphasized in any situation. With God guiding your decision making, a lot mistakes would be avoided.

Ultimately, we should bear it in mind that nothing good comes easy. Be the kind of person you want to attract. Finding a perfect match is not a walk in the park, but then, it is very possible and obtainable with the right approach.


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