9 Things Women Do That Destroys Their Marriage

Two cannot work together unless they agree. This means that in marriage, both the husband and wife have to make efforts to see that the marriage stands the test of time. Either of them can take actions that would affect their union. Today, this article is going to look at ten ways by which women could ruin their marriage.

1. Word of mouth: One does not need to use a knife or weapon on another before they hurt them. The tongue can do all that damage and more. Right from time, it is known that most women have the vilest tongue and they do not hesitate to use it. They tear their husbands down and sooner or later, a strain begins to exist in such an abusive marriage.

2. Undue criticism: Nobody is perfect and that includes husbands. Sometimes, they will make mistakes, like everyone does at some point. The last thing they want is anyone rubbing it in or finding faults all the time. You can correct your husband in love – without demeaning him.

3. Nagging: The book of Proverbs talks a lot about nagging and how unhealthy it is. A nagging woman will eventually drive her husband to spend late nights, for fear of being nagged to death. He would rather stay out till his wife has probably slept, than come back on time and lack peace of mind. If care is not taken, those late nights could graduate to cheating and/or a broken marriage.

4. Infidelity: Cheating is a deal-breaker for most men, even though it is not so for most women. So, if you decide to cheat on you spouse, bear in mind that if he finds out, your marriage will most likely end.

5. Being dismissive: By nature, men are fixers. When faced with a challenge, the first thing they think about is how to make it right. Thus, when you come complaining because you just want a listening ear, they might proffer a solution instead. At this point, many women become dismissive and that hurts their ego. Instead of being dismissive, tell your husband upfront that you are not looking for advice whenever you just want to rant. It will save you both a lot of issues.

6. Involving third parties in your marriage: Men do not want every Tom and Harry in their business. The usually feel that their spouse does not trust their judgement, when third parties become a constant in their marriage.

7. Being controlling: Nobody wants to be controlled, least of all, a man. Some women tend to be bossy in a bid to overcompensate in a ‘man’s world.’ That is wrong a would only make any marriage a battleground.

8. Being selfish: Your needs are not the only thing that matters. Men have needs too. They want to be pampered and spoiled as much as you do. Depriving them of that right as your spouse only creates cracks in a formerly great marriage.

9. Being an extravagant spender: This is especially important for couples who are average income earners. Sure, you can spend your money however you want. But when it comes to running the home, spending extravagantly or channeling the money into frivolous wants, can cause a lot of marital issues.


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