9 Powerful Benefits Of Praying Daily

Benefits of Praying Daily

Prayer is the key. In fact, it is no news that a prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian.  However, it takes more than just saying some words to pray. Any Christian who wants to really experience the fullness of God’s love, ought to learn the very necessary skill of praying. This is because there are a lot of benefits praying daily. Below are 9 powerful benefits of praying daily:

Benefits Of Praying Daily

1. Prayer improves one’s attitude in a positive way: When you learn to pray, you will cease to see the world from a carnal perspective. This will lead to humility, empathy and an appreciation of the things around you. Ultimately, these positive experiences will shape your attitude to things that come your way by making you thankful for the little things.

2. Prayer strengthens you spiritually: Remember the introduction where it was mentioned that a prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian? Nothing could be further from the truth. Prayer strengthens your faith in God and His word, making your footing strong and preparing you for anything. Even in the midst of tribulations, a prayerful Christian remains resolute and this helps them overcome.

3. Prayer gives hope: Imagine being in a dark place and having no one to turn to. That is one of the things praying ensures that a prayerful Christian does not experience. When you pray, you believe that your prayers will be answered and that belief turns to hope, which lightens your mood.

Even though hoping is not a guarantee that things will turn out the way you want, knowing that you can call on God, lifts the burden significantly. Thus, you can take it to the Lord in prayer and go to sleep, knowing that everything will work out for your good.

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4. Prayer gives you a sense of direction: Many successful Christians got revelations for their breakthroughs while praying. This is because prayer takes a Christian to a higher level of grace and opens up their spiritual eyes to see things that they would not have ordinarily seen.

5. Prayer helps relieve stress: Living in the world is not easy and challenges are inevitable at some point in life. However, the reflection that comes with prayer helps one relax and mediate on the blessings that they have, knowing that even though they do not have it all, there is always something to be thankful for.

6. Prayer increases one’s lifespan: Going by the previous highlight, it is safe to say that a relatively stress-free life translates to an increased lifespan. When you do not have to constantly worry about life and its craziness, your mood and attitude toward it will improve to a significant extent.

7. Prayer opens you up to being forgiven: How does a Christian want God to forgive them, if they cannot forgive their fellow man? Well, when you pray and understand God’s word, you learn how to forgive and in turn, gain God’s forgiveness. Also, when you pray constantly, you learn to forgive yourself and heal from past mistakes.

8. Prayer helps you heal: When things happen and affect you in a negative way, prayer helps on your road to healing. Knowing that God will never leave you helps speed up any physical or emotional trauma.

9. Prayer makes you see the good side of yourself: Lack of self-worth has no place in the life of a praying Christian. Praying makes you see yourself for whom you really are – a child of God, made in His image and likeness. And knowing that will put a confident spring in your steps all day long.


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