8 Signs Your Relationship Won’t Lead To Marriage

More than ninety percent of people in relationships hope that they will get married. Unfortunately, most relationship won’t lead to marriage. The universe has its way of playing out destinies and even taking us by surprise. Having said that, there are pointers to tell when your relationship won’t lead to marriage. Curious? Let’s see some of them.

1. The relationship is based on sex: Many people believe that sex in relationship makes couples more intimate and strengthens the relationship. Well, I am yet to see a relationship with sex as its foundation, which lasted. Sex can only take a relationship so far. So, if your relationship functions only because you both have a great sex life, it will hit the rocks sooner than later

2. Selfishness is an order of the day: Two cannot work together except they agree. People in committed relationship, who want the best for each other look out for one another. If support and encouragement are lacking in your relationship, it is only a matter of time before it falls like a pack of cards.

3. Little or no commitment: Commitment in a relationship shows that both parties are together in it and dedicated to make it work. When one or both partners care less about what goes on in a relationship, well then, that is a sign that whatever they share is transient. It is usually in the little things, so you might have to be very observant to notice this.

4. Unfaithfulness: When you love someone and mean well for them, you will never want to hurt them. This includes being faithful to them. For some, cheating is not a deal breaker. However, I can tell you for free that anyone who values their relationship will not go around having affairs or flings with other people in the first place.

5. Lack of tolerance: When you cannot overlook your partner’s habits and vice versa, how on earth do you think the both of you can spend the rest on your lives together? It is practically impossible and even if you go ahead to get married, that union will not last. This does not mean that you must endure things that you cannot live with in your relationship.

6. Indifference: When a relationship gets to this stage, it does not take long before it becomes history. An indifferent partner is one who does not care what the other does; is not interested in what they do with their lives or if they are happy or sad. When your partner who used to complain about your bad habit suddenly ignores it, best believe that they have begun to lose interest in you and the relationship won’t lead to marriage.

7. Unequal rights in the relationship: This happens when one person in the relationship always wants to win, even when it is not a competition. In other words, one person has control and things always have to go their way or peace will not reign. As time goes on, the other individual will begin to feel left out and unappreciated. Nobody wants to live like that, and no relationship can survive this way.

8. They do not factor you into their plans: If your partner makes plans without including you in them, they have no long-term goals for your relationship. They are most likely just taking each day as it comes without caring about what happens next. Observe the context of their words when something is being laid down. Is it always the first-person pronoun with them? If so, your relationship won’t lead to marriage

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