8 Reasons Why Your Relationship Isn’t Working


I sure hope you’re not in such situation. This is a life hack, for whenever, you find yourself in such position, where you need this or someone wonders why it’s happening to them. Reasons your relationship isn’t working and things aren’t rosy as they use to be all boil down to at least two or all of this points below.

1. You’re not speaking up: Do you say what’s on your mind about how you feel about situations or actions they do? When we don’t speak up about our feelings and view over things, they tend to act on their feelings and not to put you in consideration.

2. No one takes the blame: You guys still play the blame game; no one wants to accept faults for the wrongs that happen. Thereby you make things worse by leaving issues hanging, unresolved.

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3. High Expectation: We place high expectation on our partners, based on who we think they are or who we want them to be. We forget our partners are human and also naturally come short of perfection. Learn to think of the possible.

4. Low Expectation: You settled for someone who doesn’t tick all your boxes in a hope that they will change. While not setting your expectation high, never set it too low for even a douche bag to fill in.

5. You’re not Listening: Are you listening to their words? Do you read in between the lines? Most Importantly, Do you interpret their actions and silence? Learn to listen to them, not making them feel neglected, learn to interpret even the blurred lines.

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6. Lack of compromise: Nobody wants to bow down for each other. You want your business, choices and opinion to be always put before him/her, without consulting your partner.

7. You don’t embrace each other’s difference: Opposite attracts, yeah sure. Dealing with someone, who is totally an extreme opposite of you, might be unideal. Having to deal with someone who constantly violates your rules can be frustrating.

8. It’s merely unmeant to be: Nobody wants to hear this, but some relationships are better left off in the trash can. It’s okay, for a relationship, after weeks and months, probably years and it still didn’t work out. It just wasn’t meant to be. Let go!


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