8 Signs Of An Insecure Man You Should Watch Out For

signs of an insecure man

Insecurity can lead to a myriad of problems in relationships. There are several signs you should look out for as a lady being wooed by or in a relationship with a man. Below are 8 signs of an insecure man:

1. He regularly acts defensively: An insecure man is one with an ego problem. Any little criticism or correction sets him off. Men with ego problems see everything as an attack on their manhood and this in turn makes them incorrigible. They get defensive and accuse you of trying to undermine them. If you are with a man who cannot take corrections or who gets offended when you make suggestions, bear in mind that such a person will be very difficult to live with in the long run.

2. He acts clingy towards you: If you think that only women act clingy, then, you have another think coming. Note that even women acting clingy is not a good thing. Now, while it is normal for people who just got into a relationship to want to talk to each other for hours or every few hours, at some point in the relationship, this should reduce. Adults have responsibilities and lives outside their personal relationship. Nobody is expected to be joined at the hip with another person; not even twins. A man who wants to see you all the time or gets angry with you do not call him many times in a day, is a man you should be wary of.

3. He puts others down: One way to know if a man is insecure is if he puts other people down to feel better about himself. A man who is insecure craves more power that they have and if they have to make others feel less of themselves to seem powerful, they do not mind whose ox is gored. It is only a matter of time for such men to try putting their partners down and if said partner is not observant enough, the insecure man will get away with it.

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4. An insecure man exhibits jealousy without justification: A small amount of jealousy is not out of place in relationships. After all, you want to have most of your partner’s attention. But when the jealously goes overboard, then, that is a problem. An insecure man will ask his partner to do away with her friends and will take offense if his partner talks to other guys. In fact, an insecure guy will not think twice before accusing his partner of cheating with the men in her life, even when there is no basis for such accusations.

5. He inserts himself into everything: With an insecure man, you have to explain every move, every action, every conversation. You would not be able to talk with your friends without him interjecting or wanting to know what you are on about. True, people in relationships should not hide things from each other. But this does not mean that you have to explain every inconsequential joke you have with your friends or be answerable to him for every insignificant move you make.

6. He constantly needs reassurance: This is another sign of an insecure man you should watch out for – the frequent need to reassure him that you like or love him. A confident man even if he is not good-looking, will not need anyone to tell him daily that they matter. On the other hand, an insecure man will run you down with demands to make him feel good always. Best believe that having to do that every time is mentally draining. This is an insecure man sign you should be very wary of.

7. An insecure man compares himself to others: He always wants to know who he is better off than. An insecure man has the legendary ‘I better pass my neighbor syndrome.’ He would buy things because someone else did, even if he does not need that thing. Everything for him will be about proving a point. Such men easily run into debts.

8. An insecure man will prevent you from aiming high: Perhaps, this is the worst behavior of insecure people. They will do everything possible to sabotage your goals because they would not want you to get higher than them. Watch out for a man who gets moody when you want to do something that could change your life for good.

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