8 Important Reasons Why You Should Always Go to Church

Having fellowship with the brethren is not just about taking attendance or meeting your friends every week. It is much more than that. Sometimes, you may not feel like going to church. You just want to sleep in and get enough rest for the next day when a new week begins. But as a Christian, going to church is important and this article will give you reasons why.

1. To listen to God’s word: Yes, you can listen to your pastor preach on the internet. But going to church to listen builds involvement and creates a touch with reality. In church you can ask questions and build your faith with your church members.

2. To sharpen you spiritually: Iron sharpeneth iron. Interaction with your fellow church members provides encouragement and insight. From your discussions, you can discover thing that you are doing wrong or how to be a better child of God.

3. To find mentors who are believers: Mentors are important parts of successful people’s growth process, and godly mentors very much so. These are people who not only have been there before you, but who have experience that will help you not to make the mistakes they made. You do not want just any kind of mentor.

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4. To show your kids how to love God: You cannot preach something and practice a different thing. If you want your children to experience God’s love, you must not only love going to church; you also have to take them with you. That way, they can see how other Christians relate with God when they are together.

5. To help one another with their burdens: The church is like a sanctuary where people run to for help. If you do not go to church, someone who needs your expertise or experience to handle issues, might not get help because you were not there. Remember that the bible asks us to bear each other’s burden in order to fulfil the law of Christ.

6. To honour God’s word: What kind of Christian are you if you disregard God’s word? He clearly said in the book of Hebrews 10: 25, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the day approaching.’  So you see, God wants His people to fellowship together, in order to be further strengthened spiritually.

7. To grow: Nobody knows it all. Not even your pastor. Thus, you need to meet in God’s house, rub minds together and learn from each other. Only then will you become better.

8. To have a safe place: The church is a sanctuary and being a member of one will not only help spiritually, but will provide a safety net if things go wrong in your personal life. Knowing that there is somewhere to run to, makes everything better.


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