7 Wrong Reasons To Get Married


Marriage is a beautiful and sweet union, ordained by God in the presence of brethren. It’s a relationship built on trust, love, and respects, not out of selfish desires. Rushing to marriage is not only selfish but could end up depriving you of your sanity and joy. This are wrong reasons to get married

1. Everyone is getting Hitched Up: Everyone is getting married, but you’re still in your home, attending others wedding. The elders say “everyone is doing it is a lie” not everyone is getting married, it might be true about your circle, which I rarely doubt, but rushing into marriage cause your childhood friend is with two kids already is low self-esteem.

2. Family and Friends Pressure: We all get pressured by our family one way or the other in a bid to do things, and marriage tops the list. Though not unique to any gender, but it is highly done to the female gender. Sitting up and telling your family you’re waiting for the right person and telling them reasons, why shouldn’t be rushed, should suffice.

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3. Desire for Freedom: Most of us just want to get away from the grasp of the little control; our parents have over us by all means. Marriage shouldn’t be considered as such means. You can move to a new house or stay with a friend.

4. Fear of not Getting Married At All: Most of us view marriage as an accomplishment – which is not bad- and like most of our targeted goals, as human, we tend to not see them come to fulfillment. Believe in the fact; that everything God has set for you in life, one way or the other will get to you.

5. Access To Non-stop Guilty less Sex: Everyone is guilty of this. As Christians, we are commanded to keep to our purity while single, so we all want to get hitched up immediately to start having sex without any guilt in mind. Not only is this bad and selfish, but it could also be seen as a sin before God.

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6. Age: This affects mostly the female gender. most female believe that if at a certain age they are not married no man will ever want them. many eventually get marriage without the proper process of getting to know each other and in the end divorce is inevitable.

7. Pity: Marriage is a life time journey so never get married to your partner out of pity. This is totally wrongPity is the worst reason you can have to stay with someone. you are not doing your partner any good by getting married. most importantly you hurt yourself because you will never be happy.


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