7 Golden Rules Of A Godly Relationship


As Christians with youthful desires to live life to the fullest with no restraint from our religious faith. Our belief should have little but significant guide over our relationships on earth. There are established rules that should guide our love life towards our betterment and to be right in the sight of God and our brethren at large

1. Date Towards Marriage: While dating, a date with the midst aimed at marriage. Everything should be done with respect to forging a genuine friendship before marriage. You should devote your loyalty, trust, love, and seriousness, you will administer in a marriage.

2. Don’t Date Non-Christians: Never, I say, never date a Non-Christians. You don’t date anyone in a bid to convert the person. While dating, date with the midst aimed at marriage. Most times you fail, you end up ditched back into the world. Never gamble with your Christianity.

3. Set up standards and values: Establish your standard and never compromise them. Have your standards and values set on your belief, your perspective of life, and you would like to be treated. For whatsoever reason, don’t lower your standards or compromise your value for anyone or anything.

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4. Build up emotionally: You have to build and set up yourself emotionally, to be a more valuable and stronger partner in your relationship. To also be able to do other aspects of your life, a certain height of maturity should be attained.

5. Stay in a purity position: Sexual purity is a core standard of our Christian faith. One of the advantages of dating a Christian. Always abstain from activities and places that jeopardizing your purity status.

6. Seek growth in your partners faith: One of the ways to build your partner is by trying to grow faith to advance in Gods love and relationship.

7. Date in the midst of brethren: One way to avoid falling into any sort of temptation is to date, go outings and do anything should be done in public and within believers of the same faith.



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