7 Benefits Of Having Quality Relationship With God


As a Christian, building a great relationship with God allows us see things through His eyes. It takes patience, trust, total submission to God and constant communication, to build a relationship with God.   However, when a bond has been established, the benefits are bountiful and limitless. Let us look at the  seven benefits you will enjoy as God’s friend.

1. Easy access to God: This is perhaps the best part of being friends with God. He knows you and you know Him. With a pure heart, devoid of sin and vices, your prayers get to Him and He responds accordingly. Easy access to God means that you do not need anybody to intercede on your behalf to God as you can get God’s attention on your own.

2. Help in time of need: If God delights in your ways, He will always send help when you need it. Having a close relationship with God does not mean that trials and tribulations will not come. Far from it. However, be confident that when they do, God who is your friend, will take care of everything – for your own good and to His glory.

3. Favour in all spheres: If you know God for yourself, He will always want to show off with you because He knows that not only will you return all thanks to Him, you will always let the world know about his goodness. That is because you have a quality relationship with Him. Thus, He would not mind moving the heavens for your sake.

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4. Revelation: God is the source of all knowledge. Hence, having a close relationship with Him equals getting revelations about many important things even before they happen. That is to say that God lets people in on secrets when they have a close relationship with Him.

5. Prosperity: When God sees you as a friend, he steps up to bless you even beyond your expectations. You become and extension of Him and he makes sure that shows in the way He provides for your every need.

6. Protection: Psalm 91 is a chapter that explains how God guides, guards and protect those He calls His. If you spend quality time with God and do not see serving Him as a chore or obligation, He will protect your going out and coming in because you are precious to Him.

7.Inheritance: According to God’s word in Hebrews 6 verse 12, we inherit the promises of God through faith and patience. One cannot be faithful and patient without being close to God. You will enjoy all the perks of God’s inheritance and promises, if you have a great relationship with Him as a father



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