6 Things That Stop You From Possessing Your Blessings


1: Misconception of the ways of God: we want a drive through with God. God will lift you but you must understand how God works.

2: Fear: Fear will paralyse even the greatest warrior. Never be afraid to start. Just take the 1st step. Refuse to bow to fear. With fear, you will never start. Learn to be tough.

3: Lack of the knowledge of who God is: “but the people who do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits” (Daniel 11:32) 4

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4: We give up hope: It is through faith that you maintain hope. With no faith hope disappears. You must fight to win. We are fighters.

5: Changing of your confession will stop you from possessing your blessing: Hold fast to your confession of FAITH – never speak negatively about your life. Speak highly of yourself. God answers prayers of FAITH.

6: Loss of vision: What is the vision you see for yourself? How do you see yourself? If you lose your vision you lose your future.


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