6 Signs You Have Found The Right Man


We ladies all want the perfect man, Mr. Right. One to sweep off us off our feet, makes us feel like the only person in the world, you know that butterfly feeling in our stomach. But are these signs of Mr. Right? No, movies have created an illusion in our eyes that will lose him in search of that which doesn’t happen elsewhere.

1. You want to spend every second with him: That feeling where you want to spend your whole day with him. To tell him about the significant and insignificant happenings of seconds not spent with him in a day.

2. He accepts you as you are: Your weakness and flaws are overlooked by him. He only praises and appreciates your strengths, even with the knowledge of your shortcomings.

3. Your heart goes nuts when you’re with him: You can’t seem to suppress your happiness when you’re with him. Just a sight of him makes you burst in joy of seeing him. Even feelings that can’t be explained occurs when you’re with him.

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4. He has a genuine interest in your affairs: He wants to help to accomplish your goals and target. He has genuine love and interest in seeing you excel greatly, without any envy or jealousy of your success.

5. He remembers the tiniest details about you: He knows about your favourite colour, how you like your food served. He can tell of your thoughts and feelings from your action. Do you like your coffee black or with milk? He knows it all.

6. You can be anything around him: You can be crazy, lose temper and even break down before him; it doesn’t matter. You don’t get pretending to be a modest lady when you’re with him. You can wear joggers all day, and it won’t matter.

These are signs of love that can only come from Mr. Right. When you find someone who makes you feel this way, hold on to him so tight. Never let him out of your sight.


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