5 Wrong Reasons To Rush Into Marriage


Indeed Marriage is a union, a matrimony is ordained by God but when getting married it should only be on the basis of love and understanding as well, a lot of marriages crash today because many people marry for wrong reasons which are listed below:

1. Age: This usually affect females more than males, when they feel time is not on their side anymore they agree to who ever comes their way and rush into marriage without building love an understanding.

2.Wealth: It is good to have a wealthy spouse but that isn’t the criteria of a good union, do not marry because of your partner’s financial status, things could go sideways someday.

3.Odds: Some people rush into marriage because most of their peers or sibling are married and they do not want to be the odd one among them, this is a wrong reason to get married.

4.Time: Time is valuable that is why most people get married to their spouse because they have been dating or courting for a long time, ask your self can you stay married with this person?

5.Pity: Marriage is a life time contract so do not engaged into marriage because you pity the person and you do not want to disappoint him or her.



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