5 Ways To Know If Your Relationship Is Approved By God


1. You will have peace:Through every situation that you endure together, you will have peace at the end of the day.

2. Your desire to fulfill God’s will- will surpass your own desires:We have all went into relationships with our own agenda that was not in God’s will or timing; but when your heart has a genuine desire to please God, you will neglect all of your wants.

3. There will be purpose between the two of you:Although it may not be initially revealed, as things progress, the bigger picture will start to unfold. Your relationship will be used to bless others.

4. Your relationship will not be a distraction:Naturally, being involved with another person serves as a distraction to a certain degree, however, when your relationship is ordained by God, it will serve as a foundation and support system that propels you to and through your purpose.

5. The relationship will push you closer to God:It is not necessarily your partner’s responsibility to push you closer to God- that is a relationship you build on your own. When you both agree God will be the center of the relationship, you set the foundation that God will lead you both together.


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