5 Ways To Know You’re Ready For A Relationship


Have you met someone you think you love? Someone, you want to rush into a relationship with? But are you ready? Relationships are great gifts that enable us to grow in God’s love. A relationship should motivate you in your faith and encourage you to learn more of God. A relationship is beautiful, still, are you taking the necessary steps to be a great partner. You need preparing to ensure and be the meaningful one, so as to enjoy the magic in lovely friendship.

1. Have you found love through God? : The first question and thing to carry out are to find wholesomeness in God. God should be your first love and foremost relationship. Have you discovered love in God before looking outside? Do you still feel broken and unfixed? Try fixing yourself in God, so as not to ruin someone’s life.

2. Do you believe in yourself? : Having high self-esteem in you is great attribute everyone wants in a partner, do you have it? Going into a relationship with feelings of insecurities taints friendships. Believe in yourself first and in your ability.

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3. Do I have set boundaries: Boundaries are vital to be set in our activities, friendship, and relationship. Setting personal boundaries to place in our expectations and guidelines in accordance with how you like to be treated and your beliefs.

4. Will I be an excellent partner? : Look at yourself, are you what you desire? Do you possess qualities that will make you a valuable partner? How’s your communication skill? Do you have anger and jealousy issues? Can you date someone like you? Look at your life and the qualities you want in a partner, do they tally? Be what you want.

5. What can you invest in your partner’s life? : As much as being in a relationship can be fun, it’s in addition, a lot of work. Investing in your partner spiritually, physically, mentally and financially is one of the core duties in your relationship. Do you retain all it takes to invest in those areas?

Your answers to all these will tell if you are ready or not. If you are ready, still remember to take it slow and cautious in a godly way. If you are not, work on yourself and you will be ready in no time.


  1. Wow so fantastic I really enjoyed this message, the paragraph That I love most is the first and the last, in any relationship you must put God first, love him an he Will showed you the way.


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