5 Ways To Know You Are In A Godly Relationship


There are lots of dating advice out there, from family, friends, even the internet just like we, have something to input on the ideal healthy relationship. More than just a healthy relationship, you need a godly one, which encompasses a healthy relationship. So, what are signs of knowing if you’re in the right relationship for your Christian life? There are numerous signs; we’ve listed 5 core facts to know.

1. Christ is the head: Just like every aspect of our lives, Christ is an essential, invisible partner in your relationship. Each action done in your relationship aside its goal should be ensured it’s in alignment with God’s view of our lives.

2. Mutual care and respect: You love each other,but do you both have respect for each other. Are your actions done in consideration of each other’s feelings? Do you seek each other’s opinion and view on significant actions or decisions in your life? A godly and healthy should be done with respect and care for one another.

3. Open display of shared faith: Displaying your love and faith in Christ together is a remarkable way to go about in your relationship. Going for Christian outreach, evangelism and service together at some point is a way to profess your love for Christ and each other.  Aside from strengthening your relationship; this also reinforces your faith.

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4. Honesty: Honesty cannot be over emphasised in a relationship, family and friendship. Honesty is the bedrock in which every friendship and relationship is built. Trusting your partner shouldn’t be forced, but should come naturally with your love for each other.

5. Support for each other: Beyond financial support for your partner, you should support each other spiritually, through prayers, mentally; by ensuring they enjoy absolute peace of mind, physically; with making sure they take care of their health.

So, are you in a godly healthy relationship? Congrats if you are. If you are not, there are two things to carry out, try establishing it if you can, if not, then terminating your relationship will be excellent advice to you.



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