5 Ways To Avoid Being Pressurized For Sex


Are you feeling insecure and not among with your peers? Deliberate choices you have to make as a Christian are different and termed old-fashioned and of the Dark Age. Choices relating to relationships, most especially sex and abstinence. Abstinence has been traditionally an issue of uproar and division of lately in the youth section of the church lately. And being abstinent has been tough with pressure from your partner, peers and the society at large. How do you avoid been pressurized to have sex? After these 4 listed ways, you will never have to wrestle with such issues again.

1. You don’t have to fit in: No matter what you’ve been advised, sex is under no circumstances a way to fit in. Sex is just what it is, an act to show love in marriage, one of the major ways to get STDs and never a pathway to success. Sex will never enable you to belong to the ideal group but the bad one.

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2. Talk about the reasons behind your conviction: Most people don’t know of your reasons not to have sex? Most time, we fail to tell them cause we can’t handle the shame of been laughed at over Christianity. Like every other thing we’re terrified of what people think if they know of our unyielding faith. Tell them of your plan to keep off sex till marriage, at most times it works cause they also get to put their lives in check.

3. Break off contact if repeated: There’s no reason to hold on to a relationship and friendship that are no longer of use to you but also emotionally abuse you, cut it off. It’s never too late to move on. At first, it might hurt but if not so at one time or the other, you’d fall into these traps.

4. Pray to God over it: It might seem the cliché to always meet God on anything you need, but it’s ideal you do so. God is your one and only true friend you should always tell your issues to. Learn to meet him as a friend, tell him of your earthly friends and partners and what he wants you doing about the situation.


  1. Please pray for my sex pressuris sex..I am a man who behaved bad habit like mustarbation, own oral sex, and always think sex and desire of sex.


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