5 Types Of Women That Christian Men Should Avoid At All Cost


Marriage is surely a union approved by God, but here are some factors men should look out for to ensure settling with the right woman. Any man that desires a loving marriage should avoid women with the following features:

1. Women That Don’t Believe in God: Every man needs a woman that will help him draw nearer to God, even in marriage couples should learn to put Gog first.

2. Women That Worship Material Things: This doesn’t mean these women worship or bow to idols, but some women place so much importance on material things and men should be careful of this.

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3. Women That Speak Ill of their Parents: Any God-fearing woman should love and respect her parents and if any woman does otherwise, she will not make a good wife.

4. Women That Start up Fight Often: Men should really be careful of these type of women because they tend to put you in a bad mood most of the time and make you do things you might regret.

5. Women That Do not Support: Most women sit idle while some keep their resources away from their men, this is wrong because God has designed women to support men.


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