5 Tips To Get Over A Breakup


A breakup is one bad and depressing moment of our lives and emotional beings. We break down; entertaining depressing thoughts, finding it hard to move on, after that one important person leaves your life. A breakup could signify lots of things, good and bad, of you, your partner and the relationship you guys had. There are many ways in which breakup gets to us. How do we get off depression, well here are 5 tips just to help you.

1. Don’t go in search of a rebound: The urge to find one to replace your lost love always comes up. But you need fighting of such. A rebound will never fix your heart or fill in the space, temporarily it might seem so, at a long run, you’d understand you made a bigger hole rather close it up. Allow yourself to heal, before attaching yourself, to someone.

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2. Cut off contact: Cut off contacts with your ex. The feeling to always call to mend up things, show them how much you miss them, will always be there. You’re in your healing process, learn to move far away from them; delete their contacts, block them on social media, stay off from places you’d meet them, stay away from the group of friends you both associated with. You’re not running, you’re healing, give yourself a chance.

3. Make new friends & new habits: Make new friends away from the mutual ones you both share, and friends who know off you guys history. Go out to new places, take some adventures, find peace and love being with yourself, and make new friends as you go.

4. Use a journal: Always write your feelings in your diary or a journal. Keep a record of your progress in the journey, whenever you want to send them that silly text, pick up your journal, write them down, and wait for some time, the reason why you shouldn’t send that message will always show up.

5. Develop a relationship with God: Now is the best time to develop a sweet relationship with God, at our weakest and dreadful moment, He is still there to take care of you with love and is mercy targeted at you. Learn to find peace and love in him.

Whatever you do at this stage, learn never to act out with deliberate consideration of the consequences of your actions. You will come out a better and more loving person.


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