5 Reasons That Breakup Is A Blessing In Disguise


A breakup hurts for everyone, especially when you weren’t the one that ended such a beautiful relationship. A breakup can lead to various thoughts, mostly depressing, even when you instigated it.

A break-up in most cases could be a blessing to you, one in disguise. There are many reasons why a break-up shouldn’t always be seen in a bad light but can be seen as a significant step, here is five;

1. Life re-assessment: After a breakup, we reflect on a lot, about the good or bad things
or moments shared in your relationship. You get to see if maybe he/she was who you wanted and what you’re seeking for in a relationship, and hopefully, a life partner. Sometimes when you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you easily lose focus of your relationship and its purpose. The end of your relationship makes you re-check your standards and set your bar.

2. Build better friendship and future relationship: Going through pains evokes empathy for you for people. You tend to care and want to weave up people from
such; hence, you become more loving towards people. You become social and more approachable and have more time for friends and family.

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3. Discover yourself and passion: In a bid to be happy, you discover new hobbies and lifestyles. Go to places, travel, take up new projects and try out new adventures. You attain freedom.

4. Work on and for yourself: You develop yourself. Getting to work on your flaws, personal or business wise can be encouraged through a break-up. Our pain reveals you, how to discern things that were clouded from you. We also get to work for our career or educational life, after spending so much on your ex-spouse.

5. Reestablish your relationship with God: It’s human and conventional for us as Christian to always reach out to God in times of difficulty, pains and sorrows. You realize that God is unrelentingly around and draw nearer to Him. Additionally, its an opportunity to seek Him concerning His plan for your life and His will concerning marriage. As you get intimate to Him, He counsels us and sometimes even communicates with us why that relationship was not part of His foolproof plan for our lives.

You understand it happened for a reason? That breakup is a blessing. Hope you’re
fiercely determined and encouraged. Go out to the world and live God’s plan for


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