5 Healthy Ways To Show Your Partner Love


Sustaining a relationship goes way beyond being in love, but also with every moment spent together or not, proving your love to your partner. Showing love, to your partner as a believer should not be having sex or doing that which is contrary to God’s word. So what are healthy ways to show your partner love? We have come up with two healthy sure-proof actions; you can do now to show your partner love.

1. Don’t Be Cliché: Don’t be like the rest, what makes your partner happy and feel appreciated, might not be the same for the rest. Study them, don’t go bring them rose flowers, while they are allergic or don’t fancy them. Don’t go getting the boxers and singlet, that’s too damn trendy. Be unique in your relationship.

2. Find Out What Tickles them and Do It: What do they like? A cool place, together with boxes of chocolate and wine? Make it happen. Maybe it’s their favourite that makes them happy,do it for them. Probably they are moody because they lost their favourite teddy or got their PS 4 spoilt, get it for them. Even when you can’t do it for them, let them know you understand what it means to them.

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3. Get Involved In Things They Love: What are their favourite activities? Get involved in them. It’s normal to find their favourite activities silly and not like them. In cases like this, always learn to turn on those events, it warms their heart and makes them feel appreciated.

4. Always Compliment & Say Sweet Things to Them: How often do you tell your partner, you love them? Not much often? That’s bad, use every opportunity you find available to tell them, how much you love and appreciate them in your life. At the most awkward moment, remind them, tell sweet nothings to them.

5. Do The Unexpected: Be Unpredictable, turn up at their house bearing gifts on a normal day. Meet them at home from work with treats waiting for them.



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