4 Signs You’ve Found The Right Man


Being loved is a blessing. It’s the best feeling in the world, but there’s a blessing even bigger than feeling love and it, finding the right person to love and who loves you. Here are things that will tell you you’ve found the right man

1. He is the best listener: He really listens to what you have to say. He never makes you feel like what you’re saying is boring, unimportant or none of his business. He pays attention instead of replying with “ohs,” “mhmms” or “yeahs.” he gives you advice, he answers your questions with interest and to him, your words hold value.

2. He has similar overall goals: While you may not agree on every little thing, you’re on the same page where it matters. For example, you want the same things long-term

3. He likes your family: And you like his family. Even though your relationship with your in-laws does not determine if your union will thrive, life is so much easier when you have each other’s family’s approval and blessings. Everyone just gets along better, for the most part.

4. He doesn’t keep secrets from you: He is completely honest with you, even on sensitive topics like telling you that his ex called him. That’s because he trusts you. He trusts and loves you so much that he would not deliberately cheat, deceive or betray you in any way. And you trust him too in equal measure.


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