12 Deadly Sins To Avoid That Ruins Relationship


Building a relationship takes a lot of effort, time and determination. It is sometimes impossible for us to avoid committing one or two deadly relationship sins that could ruin all the effort and resources we have put to make our relationship work. Below are 12 deadly sins that can ruin your relationship.

1. Infidelity: There are no moral justifications for you to cheat on your partner especially if you have not done so in the past. Healing a relationship where there has been infidelity takes a lot of work. Sometime this can end the relationship.

2. Keeping secrets: Keeping secrets can cause total breakdown in communication. There would always be this feeling of suspicion and resentment between partners. Sometimes we fall ill because of so many secrets we are hiding.

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3. Dishonesty: Once you lie in a relationship you have to back up your previous lie with more lies until everything in your relationship becomes a lie. It gets to a point where you cannot keep up with your lies and you get caught. Always be honest with your partner.

4. Anger: Anger is a natural human emotion that should be expressed but if you want your relationship to work out, do not store up anger because you could hurt your partner when you eventually blow up.

5. Insults: Never insult your partner under any circumstance, that is emotional abuse. Even when you are furious never resort to insults. When you insult your partner you hurt them and make he or she looks useless.

6. Too many friends from the opposite sex: This will make your partner jealous. Out of respect for your partner, you should set boundaries. Too many opposite sex friends can lead to infidelity. The wise thing to do is to cut such friendship; it shows you are strong and secure. Be loyal to your partner.

7. Accepting poverty: This is a weak mindset. Do not be lazy, work hard for money. No one wants a partner that is not ambitious; you gain nothing by being idle. Get up and work, there is no food for a lazy man. God wants us to be wealthy, let us forget about using religious jargon like “Though I am poor, I am holy”. God wants to give you material wealth.

8. Gossiping: This is a clear indication that you are not happy. It brings irreversible damage to relationships; you need to be careful about using your tongue. If you can control your tongue, you can control your relationship.

9. Manipulation: The easiest way to lose your partner’s trust is to manipulate them. Nobody wants to be with a manipulative partner, this is a big red flag. If all you do is take advantage of your partner for your own selfish gain, there are chances that you will be caught and you might ruin your relationship.

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10. Relationship breaks: Taking unnecessary breaks in a relationship is not the right call; it’s never a good idea. Most breaks leads to break ups, it shows you are not committed to the relationship. Breaks creates doubts, most people take breaks so as to cheat on their partner.

11. Over controlling: It’s okay for you to care about your partner and want what’s best for them, but it is wrong to be too controlling. Once a person keeps controlling then other partner, it’s a dangerous problem.

12. Clinginess: Never force or chase anyone to be with you. You have to give your partner space to make their decisions. Clinginess creates jealousy issues which pushes people away. Clinginess is one of the worst relationship sins. You should avoid showing your clingy side at all cost.


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