10 Ways You Blocking Your Blessings

blocking your blessings

Have you been hoping and holding out, but it seems that nothing is going well? Do you think that God has forgotten you while blessing others? Well, maybe He has set the ball in motion, but you are the one blocking your blessings. As a Christian, sometimes you block your own blessings without realizing it. Here are some ways you are blocking your blessings from manifesting:

1. Dwelling in negative thoughts: Negative thoughts soon become negative words and words are powerful. If you see risks and bad things whenever a situation arises, you will hardly be able to take advantage of the situation and make something out of it. Negativity keeps people captive and scared to take leaps. And if you do not take leaps, you will not be great.

2. Doubting yourself: With God, all things are possible. Now, since God has said so, as His child, you have to live a life of possibilities. You never know what you are capable of, till you try. Never forget that your destiny is in your hands. Don’t block your blessings anymore by having a doubting spirit. Believe in God and your ability.

3. Having an unforgiving spirit: Do you realize that unforgiveness is a burden? Bearing grudges towards someone is tantamount to allowing them to live in your head without paying rent. The bible said to forgive before you pray, so that God can be able to forgive the sins you have committed as well. Let it go, start healing and unblock your blessings that have been hindered by hate.

4. Being proud: God dislikes pride people and promises to always humble them. You are not better than everybody else. The phrase, ‘sit down and be humble,’ is very valid. If you are able to define the lines between confidence and arrogance, you will do yourself a lot of good and stop blocking your blessings

5. Refusing to let go of the past: Lot’s wife looked backed and she turned to salt. Looking back is limiting; it hinders one and make them full of regret. And when you are more interested in the past, you blocking blessings God has destined for you.

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6. Refusing to let go of toxic habits or people: If you are involved with a toxic person and you refuse to leave them for some reason, you are only hindering a better person from coming into your life. You cannot have your cake and have it. For God’s blessings to find you, toxicity has to go.

7. Hatred for another: If you have noticed, toxic or wicked people never end up well. Even if it seems good for them, their end doesn’t happen pleasantly. You do not have to kill to be wicked or to incur the wrath of God. Little things like false accusation, gossiping, backbiting and demeaning behaviors will make God very unhappy with you and unwilling to bless you.

8. Living in guilt: God is a forgiving father. All you need to is ask with a contrite heart. One of the devil’s pastimes is reminding people of their mistakes and making them ask what if. If God can forgive you, surely, you can forgive yourself. Let go and live life to the fullest so that you don’t block your blessings

9. Doubting the power of God: Believe it or not, a Christian can still be lukewarm. God detests lukewarm people and promises to vomit them from His mouth. You cannot claim to believe in God and still doubt that he can come through for you. So, stop sitting on the fence and trust God will all your mind so that He will reward you accordingly.

10. Being disobedient: Obedience is better than sacrifice. You can pray from now till tomorrow but if you do not listen to God, you are blocking your blessings. You can either do it your way and live with the consequences or do it His way and get His approval and blessings.

When you realize these things blocking your blessings and stop doing them, your blessings will find you regularly.


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