10 Tips To Get Over A Breakup

Almost everyone reading this has experienced at least one break up in their lifetime. Break ups can be painful and sometimes, very messy. However, fact remains that life must go on. But to get over a breakup is no easy feat. This article shares tips on getting over a breakup. Apply a couple of these tips or more and you will be well on your way to getting over that ex. While at it, remember that love will find you again.

1. Let it out: Stifling your tears does not signify strength. In fact, holding back tears prevents one from healing and moving on. Cry as much as you have to and without inhibitions. Crying is therapeutic and rest assured that you will not cry forever.

2. Stay busy: An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. If you stay unoccupied, you will find yourself relieving those memories and it will be harder to let go. Not even the dead get mourned forever, not to talk about someone who only walked out of your life.

3. Find something fun to do: It could be your hobbies or newfound interests. Doing something you find fun ensures that you do not get bored quickly. Thus, you can always zone out the memories and focus on engaging stuff.

4. Talk to someone: Not everyone gets over heartbreaks so easily. Also, relationships which transcends dating are much harder to get over. Many groups exists for this purpose, even on the internet. This is especially for people who are shy to talk face-to-face on confide in those around them. If you are not concerned about confiding in those around, then, talk to them. Even if they cannot physically do anything, talking about issues make the burden lighter.

5. Lose their contacts: This includes staying away from their social media handles – for your peace of mind. It does not necessarily mean that you are enemies with them. If you really want to let go, you should do away with things that will keep putting your ex in your face.

6. Stop taking their calls: Some people can be manipulative. They will break up with their partner but will still want to keep in touch. Refuse to be anyone’s doormat, no matter what you both shared in the past. You will not heal by talking to them and relieving memories, then going to bed in tears.

7. Rebound is a no-no: Till you are over an ex, it is foolhardy to venture into another relationship. Some people do this because they think it will help them forget, but that is not so. You will end up hurting yourself and projecting your pain on an innocent person. Heal first and go into another relationship with a rein on your emotions.

8. Do not take impulsive decisions: Break ups can make people act rashly and do something that they will regret. Focus on healing first before making any major changes. Time takes care of everything and there is no need to rush.

9. Take a trip: Not everyone can afford to do this, but if you can, why not? It does not have to be an expensive or out-of-state trip. Just a change of scenery will do your energy a lot of good and help you heal faster because of the change in environment.

10. Hang out with people: People can be your friends or strangers you meet in a public place. Just stay around people and let the positive vibes rub off on you. It can be the cinema, the beach, a tourist attraction or wherever else people go out to have fun. Do not isolate yourself or indulge in self-pity.

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