10 Signs He Wants To Marry You

signs he wants to marry you

While some date for the fun of it, there are others who cannot get into a relationship if commitment does not come with the package. And who are we to blame them? Life is too short to waste with the wrong person. Now, traditionally, men do the proposing and if they are not up for marriage, the relationship either ends or just keeps being a relationship. Many women want to know that the men in their lives have long-term plans for their relationships, but they cannot tell how. Well, look no further. Keep reading to find out ten signs he wants to marry you:

1.He includes you in his plans: If you partner makes long-term plans without leaving you out, then, it is an obvious sign he wants to marry you. These plans include moving plans, job plans, money matters and every other basic thing that you both consider important. Guys are mostly tight-lipped about things they hold dear, so,  when they start including you in their plans, they definitely see you as a keeper.

2.He does not just say he loves you; he proves it: Actions they say, speak louder than words. Talk is cheap and it costs nothing to form words from the mouth. It is easy to say those three words. However, you must look beyond that and observe how he treats you especially in hard times. A man who wants you for life will always come through for you no matter what.

3. He trusts you: Men are not as trusting as women. So, when a man trusts you with his thoughts, plans and fears, rest assured that he now sees you as an extension of himself and this means that wedding bells are hopefully somewhere ahead.

4. He is big on the word ‘we’: Notice that couples use the word ‘we’ when talking about each other or a decision they are about to make? That is how it is with a man who has plans to marry you. If a friend asks where he plans to spend the Christmas holiday for instance, how he responds will show how serious he is with you. ‘We might travel out of the country this Christmas’ sounds more inclusive than when the ‘we’ is replaced with an ‘I’ doesn’t it?

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5. He talks about marriage plans with you: I think this is a top obvious signs he wants to marry you. A guy who does not want to marry you will always find a way to deflect if you ever bring up discussions relating to marriage. But a man who wants to marry you will be the one always initiating such conversations.

6. He makes investments in your life: That man who pays for your education, helps you get a loan for your business and invests in your future, wants more than a relationship. This is one of the top signs that he wants to marry you

7. He actively tries to work out your differences: If your man makes significant efforts to straighten things out when there is a misunderstanding, without letting his ego get in the way, then that is a sign he wants to marry you

8. He talks about children: This is a huge topic. When a man doesn’t just talk about marriage with you but also discusses how many children he wants to have, their names and everything in between, expect him to pop the question very soon. Chances are that he is ready, and you are the one he wants to make those children with.

9. You become a part of his life: This does not mean that you both will be joined at the hip. But when a man really is serious about you, he makes sure you know what he is up to at every point, how things are going with his plans and projects – even the minutest details that do not seem important will not be left out.

10. The little things will matter: When a man sees a future with you, he will be very observant and remember the tiniest detail – even the things you may have forgotten. He will pay attention to things that concern you, from birthdays and anniversaries to change of hairstyle and fashion style. This is because he knows that everything that matters to you is his business as well.

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