10 Reasons Why You Are Still Single

Reasons why You Are Still Single

There are lots of singles in the society who do not know the reason why they are still single. Perhaps, you reading this is one of them. All around you, people are getting into relationships and walking down the aisle, but you cannot remember the last time you were committed to someone.

Maybe you have started wondering if you are normal or if it is spiritual. Well, it will interest you to know that most times, it is more about how people behave than anything spiritual, that keeps prospective partners away

In this article, you will look at reasons why you are still single. Hopefully, if you are guilty of any of them and fix yourself, you will be out of the singles club in no time.

1. You are looking for a perfect person: Romance novels and dating apps have planted these ideas of perfect humans into people, that they do not bother to look out for good qualities while seeking a partner.

Truth is, nobody is perfect; everyone is flawed in one way or another. Yes, perfection exists only in fictional literature. So, it is best to give people a chance and see whom they really are. Unlike books say, love at first sight does not happen that often.

2. Your expectations in a partner are not realistic: Even though two people come together to become one, they will always be different. Expecting your partner to act a certain way, will not always work. Variety is the spice of life and as long as your prospective partner is not wanting in your core values department, you should give them a chance.

3. You are scared of being vulnerable: News flash! Being in a relationship means loosening your guard. Call it ‘taking a risk’ and you will not be wrong. If you are tired of being single, you have to be able to open up yourself to the person you want to be with. There is no guarantee that you will not get hurt but then, life itself is not guaranteed.

4. You are unwilling to compromise: Note that compromising is different from settling for just anyone because your mates are getting married or stuff like that. Compromising means meeting the other person halfway without losing yourself. People from different backgrounds have different ways of seeing things, so, for them to exist together, there should be compromise in some situations – from both parties.

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5. You do not make time for yourself: You are either swamped with work or laying on the couch every minute and you expect a partner to fall from the skies? Unfortunately, it does not happen that way. You have to make out time for yourself, go out and meet people. That is the only way you stand a chance of seeing the kind of person you want.

6. You are the unavailable type: Meeting someone you like is one thing, making out time to know them better is another thing. For a relationship to work, both parties must invest time and effort to getting to know each other better. It is not a one-way thing, so do not expect anyone to hang around if you are not making attempts to make the relationship work.

7. You are still stuck in the past: Your last relationship did not end well, and your heart was broken. Well, you have to heal in order to give love another chance. If you do not let go of the past before trying to get into another relationship, you will only end up hurting the other person.

8. You are always comparing: Your husband must not act like your friend’s husband. Your girlfriend must not have the same mannerisms with your ex. People are different and that is what makes life interesting. Even those you want your partners to be like, have their flaws.

9. You are desperate: Desperation can be detected from a mile away and it puts people off. Nobody wants to be with a needy or clingy individual. You should not try so hard to impress people that you lose yourself. Realize that no time is too late and confidently approach all new friendships without acting unnaturally.

10. Your independence is getting in the way: Yes, many are single because they do not want to give up the uninhibited freedom that comes with being alone. This is okay if you want to be single all your life. But if you are in a relationship, you will be influenced by your partner and vice versa. The good news is that one can be in a relationship without losing their independence.


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