10 Qualities Of A Virtuous Woman


The search for a wife and life partner for a Christian brother can be tedious, tiring and seem have the ultimate guide to help you find the right person for you without making deadly mistakes. According to Proverbs 34, below are 10 qualities of a virtuo6us woman

1. She’s trustworthy(Prov. 31:11): She’s one, you can tell of all your secrets and can guarantee of their safety.She’s one to tell of your problems, a listener to every of your feelings.

2. She is a positive influence(Prov. 31:12): When you meet a virtuous woman, certain changes in your life would be seen, people will question you on how you seem of good character lately.

3. She is a good manager(vs 14,16,18): Your home and family will be well catered for. Your finances will be well controlled and used for important stuff with her in charge.

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4. She is a loving mother(vs 28): There’s nothing as sweet as knowing your kids will be loved with the best intention in heart.

5. She’s charitable(vs 20): She gives freely and cheerfully. Fear of marrying someone who will tame to giving spirit won’t be there, being married to a virtuous woman.

6. She cares for her health: Her health and that of her family is of top most priority to her. Cleanliness is next to godliness is totally visible in the proverbs 34 woman.

7. She is beautiful(vs 10, 21-22): One is God is beautifully and fearfully made. She is beautiful in the sense of her outward appearance and also in the case of her character and attitude. She is an envy of other women.

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8. She is wise(vs 26): Wisdom is profitable to direct. A wise person can be likened to God and so is a wise woman. Her knowledge of the principles of life and career will take you help you a long way in your journey in life.

9. She is hardworking(vs 15): There’s nothing that is as greatly appreciated as a partner who helps you financially by being determined, discipline and works hard on their job and dreams.

10. She fears God: Last but not the least; a virtuous woman has the fear and love of God in her. In all her dealings and associations, pleasing God and putting him first is always on her mind


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