5 Ways To Win A Man’s Heart That Many Women Don’t Know


It’s not impossible to win a man’s heart; in fact, it would shock you that a man’s heart is being open to be won, it’s just that most women don’t have the key. Men openly admit to seeing marriage as one of their ultimate life goals. This also shows that he wants to be married, he’s looking for that woman who would own his heart forever. This is just how you win his heart.

1. Respect him: This is where a lot of women fall short; they don’t respect their man enough, but they expect to be respected. Show your man respect; from the way you talk to him and treat him, respect should be all around it. A man feels valued when he’s respected.

2. Make him desire you: Be the kind of woman who makes her man desire her. When your man desires you and misses your presence whenever you are away, then you’ve won the key to his heart. Let your presence be valuable to him, and try to create a feeling within him that will make him want to be with you always.

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3. Be the woman who makes him better: Your man will also value you more when you make him a better person. If you inspire him to be a better man; he will open more to you, he would see you as gold and you will win his heart.

4. Have his best interest at heart: Men tend to be secretive and protective of their emotions and feelings. But when you have his best interest at heart, you’ll get him to open up more to you, and he would also trust you.

5. Appreciate him and be proud of him: Look for ways to acknowledge him for the things he does, and be proud of him as well. Also, be the woman who’s proud of her man. When a man feels appreciated and has a woman who takes pride in him, he’d be willing to do everything for her.

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